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Bagan Medical Clinic - Saturday

Events of Saturday 29th April 2017

At Bagan Clinic on Saturday, in addition to dealing with 35 patients carried forward from Friday, a further 280 patients registered.

The clinic started consultations at around 8.00 a.m. when I took the picture below showing an enthusiastic group of patients waiting their turn to be seen by Dr. Hla Tun.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: Enthusiastic patients waiting their turn to be seen by Dr. Hla Tun.

Next, I studied the building work in progress on the Hospital Building.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: End view of Hospital Building under construction, showing main entrance.

Areas of exposed brickwork on the building have been turned into a 'Wishing Wall' by visitors and bricks carry handwritten messages of support for the projecy. "Health and Happiness" is a recurrent theme.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: Part of the 'Wishing Wall' at the Hospital Building.

I carefully checked the building work in progress - shuttering being erected for reinforced concrete columns on the unfinished upper floor, a stream of lady labourers carrying sand and cement up the stairs for the required concrete.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: Builder erecting shuttering for a column on the upper floor.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: Lady labourers transporting sand and cement to the upper floor of the Hospital Building.

In the 2-storey building, the opthalmolgist was carrying out eye examinations.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: The opthalmologist carrying out eye examinations.

About 11.30 a.m., the Abbott started the distribution of well over 300 free lunches to the patients and their companions.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: The Abbott distributing free lunches to patients.

Throughout the day, the Dispensary Staff were kept busy making up and checking medication prescribed by the Doctors for patients.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: Throughout the day, the Dispensary made up prescriptions for patients.

In the late afternoon, Doctor Hla Tun had a short break to show Geoffrey Cohn, a visiting opthalmic surgeon from Australia, around the 2-storey building. The surgeon is Honorary Medical Co-ordinator for a number of overseas projects, including the Myanmar Eye Care Project.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: Visiting Opthalmic Surgeon Geoffrey Cohn and local staff, photographed on the roof of the 2-storey building, with the River Ayeyarwaddy in the background.

By 11.0 p.m., I was totally exhausted and retired to bed, but Doctor Hla Tun and his dedicated band of assistants were working until 3.00 a.m. Sunday morning.

Around Bagan Clinic - Saturday: It's late evening, but Dr. Hla Tun continues his consultations.

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