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From the Coral Sea to the South China Sea
(Part 12)

Below is more than you wanted to know about the ship I’m currently travelling on. There are some queries in the issued information which I’ve not yet been able to resolve.

'Caledonian Sky' at Thursday Island, Australia.

The Motor Ship ‘Caledonian Sky' is operated by the travel company Noble Caledonia. Founded in 1991, the company specialises in 'small ship cruises'. Their description of 'Caledonian Sky' says:-
"Formerly known as the Hebridean Spirit, the MS Caledonian Sky began her life with Noble Caledonia in May 2012. Accommodating a maximum of 114 passengers in 57 spacious outside suites, she is more akin to a country hotel than the big cruise ships of today. The vessel is the ideal partner to our MS Island Sky, both were built in the same yard and at similar times and share the same excellent attributes that make them two of the finest small ships in the world and we are very proud to have them as our flagships.

Onboard the MS Caledonian Sky there are 57 exceptionally spacious and well designed suites, 23 of which have private balconies located on the Promenade or Bridge Decks. Each suite exudes great character and grandeur with wood panelling and brass features found throughout. The large suites all measure between 20 and 23 square metres and the balconies range in size from 4.2 to 5.6 square metres. Suites are arranged over four decks and all have outside facing views. All suites feature a sitting room area complete with coffee table, armchairs and flat screen televisions (DVD players and DVDs can be borrowed from reception for use in your suite). The beds in each cabin offer exceptionally comfortable mattresses and pillows and can be configured as large double beds or twins."
A view of cabin 'Isle of Gigha'.

There's more from Noble Caledonia here.

The ship was built by Nuovi Cantieri Apuania in Italy in 1991 for Renaissance Cruises Inc. Initially named Renaissance VI, she was later Sun Viva 2, Megastar Capricorn, Hebridian Spirit, Sunrise before assuming her current name, Caledonian Sky. The Maritime Connector site will indicate the ship's current position (provided AIS information is being received) and it gives dates for the various name changes:-
SUNRISE until 2011 Sep
CAPRI until 2001 May
SUN VIVA 2 until 2000 Apr
RENAISSANCE SIX until 1998 Dec
I believe 'Caledonian Sky' is currently owned by the daughter of the founder of Salén Ship Management AB through a holding company in the Bahamas called Caledonian Sky Shipping Inc,

The ship is operated by Salén Ship Management AB, based in Gothenburg, Sweden and is on long-term lease to Noble Caledonia.

The information below is derived from the information book placed in cabins on board or the Salén Ship Management Website (unconfirmed, with only minor editing):-
NAME: Caledonian Sky
FORMER NAMES: Sunrise, Hebridean Spirit, Megastar Capricorn, Sun Viva II, Renaissance Six
TYPE: Passenger Vessel
OWNER: Caledonian Sky Shipping Inc, Bahamas
OPERATOR/MANAGER: Salén Ship Management AB, Sweden
CHARTERER: Noble Caledonia Ltd, London, UK
PORT OF REGISTRY: Nassau, Bahamas
BUILDERS: Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, Italy
BUILT: 1991
RETROFIT: 2001/2009/2011 by George Prior Engineering, Great Yarmouth
CLASSIFICATION: +100 A1 Bureau Veritas
PASSENGER CLASSIFICATION: Passenger Vessel under Bahamas Maritime Administration
SPEED: 14 knots maximum
LOADED DISPLACEMENT: 3,291 tons at 4.2 m draft
FRESH WATER CAPACITY: 220 tons (plus production capacity on board of 45 tons/day)
Fully Certified Transas ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System)
Two JRC Arpa Radar Sets
One JRC Echo Sounder
One Gyro Compass with Electronic Interface to Satellite Communications systems and Radars and Exterior Repeaters
One Anschute Autopilot and Conning Wheel

One (of two) Radar Displays, with the main ECDIS display on the right. Note the well-used binoculars - the 'Mark One Eyeball' is still a vital adjunct to the electronics.

The Anschute Autopilot and Conning Wheel.

One V-SAT Satellite
One VHF Unit with Ten Handheld VHF Units
One Navtex Navigational and Weather Report Telex Receiver
One Global Maritime Distress Safety System (fully integrated to a Global Positioning System for instant radio transmission of distress to Coastguard, giving position of a vessel to an accuracy of a few yards and also capable of receiving information from Coastguard)
Two VHF DSC units
Two SAT-C GMDSS units
One MF/HF Radio unit
The Communications Console on the Bridge of 'Caledonian Sky'. Note the VHF Transceiver (in between the two printers) set to Channel 16, the 'hailing frequency'.

Four Motor Lifeboats (each 48 person capacity)

One of four 48-person motor lifeboats, mounted on davits.

Two Inflatable Liferafts (each 25 person capacity)
Loose Equipment (commensurate with the ship’s total complement)
SAFETY SYSTEMS: The vessel is fitted with fire detection/alarm systems, low level lighting and watertight door to a modern high standard in compliance with the latest International Maritime Safety Requirement
SMALL BOATS: Ten ‘Zodiacs”
MAIN ENGINES: Two MAN/B&W Alpha 8-cylinder 8L 28/32A, each developing 2,360 b.h.p. (1,760 kW) at 750 r.p.m. (cylinder bore: 280 m.m., stroke: 320 m.m., engine start by compressed air, Fuel: Marine Gas Oil and Intermediate Fuel Oil, built in Denmark)

View of the Control Console for the two Main Engines in the cramped Engine Control Room.

AUXILIARY ENGINES: Two MAN/B&W Holby 5L 28/32, each developing 1,000 kW at 720 r.p.m. (cylinder bore: 280 m.m., stroke: 320 m.m, generating capacity: 2 x 1,250 kVA, emergency generator: 300 kVA or 240 kW)
SHAFT ALTERNATORS: Two each 800 kW (a Power Take-Off from the Main Engines allows the utilisation of electricity produced to supply the vessel’s electrical demand whilst at sea)
440v 3-phase 60 Hz
220v single-phase 60 Hz
110v single-phase 60 Hz
PROPELLORS: Two B&W Alpha Controllable Pitch Propellors (4 blades at 2.8m dia., Propellor Shaft 15m in length)
STEERING GEAR: Two Frydenbo HS30 2D electro-hydraulic rotary vane units (each comprising an electric motor driven variable-delivery pump delivering pressure to rotary vane unit fitted to each rudder stock)
BOW THRUST UNIT: Brunvoll FU-45LTC-137 Transverse Thrust Unit (capable of transmitting 447 kW and used in conjunction with a Controllable-Pitch Propellor allowing the vessel to be manoeuvred in ports and confined waters)
STABILISERS: Blohm & Voss SK 10-3m 22 (?) Retractable Folding Fins controlled hydraulically (Stabilisation not only adds comfort to clients, but also reduces stresses caused by rolling of vessel in adverse weather conditions)
WINDLASSES: Steen Vertical Cable Lifters (electrically driven)
BOILERS: Aalborg AQ-12 providing 2500 kg/hour at 7 Bar pressure (the steam is used to heat the hot water heat exchangers and auxiliary equipment around the ship)
WATER MAKERS: Two Rochem type RORO 1530-DT-30S Reverse Osmosis Plants producing in total 45 tons/day with UC (?) filtration/chlorine injection (these units produce fresh water from sea water by Reverse Osmosis whereby freshwater permeates a semi-permeable membrane from sea water at a pressure of 60 Bar [around 850 p.s.i.] leaving salts behind)
OILY WATER SEPARATOR: Type RWO m3/hour separation capacity (?) with final discharge quality 15 p.p.m. or less oil content (IMO approved to MARPOL and US Coastguard requirements)
SEWAGE TREATMENT: Two Hamworthy Super Trident Units capable of processing 20 tonnes (?) per day (these units convert the sewage biologically to water of a quality to be discharged overboard).
MMSI: 311061100. [The Maritime Mobile Service Identity number uniquely identifies ships and maritime installations for communications purposes. See the Wikipedia article here.]
IMO: 8802870. [The IMO number (mandated under the Imternational Maritime Organisation's SOLAS convention) uniquely identifies a ship's hull. See the Wikipedia article here.]
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My pictures

Joining 'Caledonian Sky'.
'Caledonian Sky' Bridge.
Engine Control Room, 'Caledonian Sky'.

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