Monday, 15 May 2017

Perth (Sunday)

Events of Sunday 14th May 2017

Keith and I took Sasha for a longer walk on Sunday morning. The area where Keith lives is residential, with large, detached single-storey houses. Various areas of parkland (with all sorts of trees I didn't recognise) are scattered amoung the dwellings and the road system is supplemented by a network of footpaths, offering many alternative routes for walking.

After a leisurely breakfast, Keith and I discussed railways and engineering, as I studied some of Keith's extensive library of locomotive and railway books. We also looked at some of Keith's locomotive models - some proprietary, some built by Keith, including his live steam model based on L.B.S.C's 'Titch' design. Keith's model carries the nameplate 'ECCLES' (after 'The Goons' character - we were both fans of the radio show).

Keith's models: 'Eccles'.

In the afternoon, Keith, Fhines and I drove to visit another of their friends - Bill Fritchley. Bill had grown up in Myanmar and, before emigrating to Australia, had worked on steam locomotives for Burma Railways and served in the army. Needless to say, I quizzed him about his experiences on the footplate, particularly on the huge Beyer-Garratt locomotives.

Perth: Bill Fritchley and Family, Fhines, Keith and Jan.

In the early evening, Keith, Fhines and I went by car to a nearby Singaporean restaurant for our farewell dinner. We had a sit-down meal but the restaurant also did take-away. Whilst we were there, numerous clients came in for take-away and the other tables started to fill up, testifying to the popularity of the place. We certainly enjoyed our meals.

Perth: Fhines enjoying Singaporean cuisine.

Perth: Keith enjoying Singaporean cuisine.

Back home, we had a relaxing evening watching television. I did a little work on the computer but I also had to contrive to compress all my possessions into one suitcase and one backpack (never an easy task) because I was being picked up at 8.00 a.m. the following morning to fly on to Melbourne, sad to leave Keith and Fhines who had made me so welcome.

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