Monday, 12 October 2015

Jan Ford's Travels: Around the World in pictures

My mother was the born traveller. Whilst she managed a number of destinations in Europe, Poland (when part of the USSR: I accompanied her on this trip), Russia (when part of the USSR), the West Indies, Haiti, North America and Taiwan (accompanying me) she still wanted to see more but circumstances did not permit it. In contrast, at first I was much more timid.

In business, I had to travel and I made a number of trips to Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and India. The trip to India in 1992 illustrated the problems of travel for business. Whilst I was in India for almost seven weeks, I only had two full days off. Of course, there were periods of free time of a few hours, but never enough to do more than see a little more of Delhi. I made good use of those two full days, travelling by train to Agra, with its Red Fort, Taj Mahal and nearby Fatepur Sikri on the one day and flying to Varanasi (formerly Benares) with the River Ganges on the other. There's an introduction to these early, mainly business, trips here.

After my partner, Daemon, passed away in 1999 I decided it was time I saw a little more of the world, before age, infirmity or poverty precluded such jaunts. With the limitations imposed by the earlier business trips in mind, I decided that, to give me the freedom to visit where I wanted, when I wanted, I would have to pay for my own travel. Let me say at once that I'm aware how fortunate I've been in being able to make these trips. There's an introduction to these more recent (and, I hope, continuing trips) here.

The Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet.

With the advent of inexpensive digital photography, these more recent trips have given rise to quite a number of pictures (of rather variable quality) which you can find on my 'Flickr' site. There's an index of my travel pictures on my 'Flickr' site here or, alternately, you can choose a country from the list below and jump to a list of collections of pictures for that country.

Antarctic Peninsula: here (trips in 2007 and 2016)

Arctic: here

Argentina: here

Australia (including Tasmania): here
Australia: (Thursday Island): here

Austria: here

Bali (Indonesia): here

Bhutan: here

Botswana: here

Brazil: here

2008 (1st trip): here
2008 (2nd trip): here
2009: here
2010: here
2011: here
2012: here
2013: here
2014: here
2015: here
2016: here
2017 (1st trip): here
2017 (2nd trip): here
2018: here

Cambodia: here

Canada: here

Chile: here

China: here

Cuba: here

Dubai (U.A.E.): here

Equador (and Galapagos): here

Egypt: here

Falkland Islands: here

Germany: here

Hong Kong and Macau: here

India: here

Japan: here

Java (Indonesia): here

Jordan: here


Malaysia (around KL): here

Malta: here

Mexico: here

Mongolia: here

Molucca Isles (Indonesia): here

Namibia: here

Nepal: here

New Zealand: here

Pacific Islands: here

Panama: here

Papua New Guinea: here

Peru: here

Qatar: here

2011: here
2012: here

Sabah (Malaysia):
2010: here
2015: here

Sarawak (Malaysia): here

Singapore: here

South Africa: here

South Georgia: here

St. Helena/Ascension Island: here

Sulawesi (Indonesia): here

Taiwan: here

Tristan da Cunha: here

Thailand: here

Tibet (China): here

Ukraine: here

United Kingdom: here

United States of America: here

Vietnam: here

West Papua (Indonesia): here

Zambia: here

A rather damp Jan at Victoria Falls.

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