Monday, 21 July 2014

Brewood Music Festival 2014

Every two years, Brewood holds its own Music Festival. In 2014, it was held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10th to 13th July, at various venues around the village. The Festival has its own website here with links to Facebook and Twitter.

On Sunday, a temporary stage was set up in the Market Place (involving temporary closure of a number of roads) for a free concert featuring mainly local acts. The weather was kind, so I went to have a look. There were hundreds of people in the square, served by a number of commercial stalls. There had been some problems with the electric generator, I understood, so the concert was rather late starting but nobody seemed to mind too much.

The running order had been changed and the concert started with a couple of songs from the Brewood Music Festival 'Scratch Choir'. I'm afraid the sound system wasn't terribly effective so they weren't heard to best effect. The 'Jeremiah Johnson and the Disciples' band followed.

'Jeremiah Johnson and the Disciples' at the Free Concert.

Their set included a number of blues standards which I knew from The Blues Brothers but I'd have enjoyed their performance more if the vocals had been more audible. Next, Dennis Cornes followed at the keyboard, supported by two trumpeters.

Dennis Cornes performing at the Free Concert.

'The Mess' restaurant was open with reasonable views of the stage so I joined my friend John there, where I enjoyed a leisurely soft drink. Everybody appeared to be enjoying themselves as I returned home.

More pictures

Brewood Music Festival Free Concert.