Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Visiting Schools in the Bagan Area

Events of Monday 1st May 2017

I'm afraid that, at present, this post is just a 'placeholder' until I have time to write up some of the details.

The Clinic was strangely quiet on Monday morning with all the patients departed. Dr. Hla Tun had decided that, before we returned to Yangon, we would visit three village schools in the area, distributing exercise books, pencils, erasers and plastic rulers.

I joined the monk who supervises the Clinic, Doctor Hla Tun and some of the Clinic staff in the monastery 'Hi-Ace' people carrier and we visited three remote villages. The format was generally similar to previous years so you could refer, for instance Visit to Bagan Schools, 2015. Although it was school holidays, most pupils were happy to attend school to receive the distribution. Only those with family commitments or long distances to travel were missing and we left sufficient materials to pass on to them.

Then it was back to the Clinic for a meal and a rest before the Doctor and I were driven to Nyaung Oo airport to catch evening flights back to Yangon. This time, rather than staying at Doctor Hla Tun's home, I was driven to the Belmond Governor's Residence Hotel. Eddie Teh had invited me to stay there and make use of the fast internet connection to allow me to upload some of the many pictures I'd taken since my arrival in Myanmar.

I'll add more as soon as I can.

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