Sunday, 9 October 2016

Mutual Improvement Classes (2)

In the post Mutual Improvement Classes, I outlined the aims of the MIC of steam days. This index has links to posts labelled 'MIC' in my blog. Titles starting 'MIC' have been used as talks before appearing here, other posts are included because of the amount of technical content which I hope may be of some help to volunteers studying locomotive work.

Where a topic is split into more than one post, links are normally provided forwards and backwards, but note that unconnected posts may deal with a similar theme. I'm sorry if it appears confusing, but the Search Box (with the magnifying glass symbol) in the header can always be used to find posts including any particular word or phrase.

Other topics are in preparation but, unfortunately in an unstructured manner.

'Henry' 12 January 2007
Early Locomotive Design 12 January 2007
Sunday at Peak Rail: 15 January 2007
Locomotive Regulators (part 1) 17 July 2007
Mutual Improvement Classes 24 February 2008
Driving Turn at Peak Rail - Part One: Preparation 6 May 2008
Firing a 'B1' 11 October 2008
MIC - Lamps 31 December 2008
Driving Turn at Peak Rail - Part Two: Driving Experience 31 December 2008
MIC - The Working of Trains 2 January 2009
MIC - Firing Steam Locomotives (1) 10 January 2009
MIC - Disposal 10 January 2009
MIC - Brakes 11 January 2009
Diesel Multiple Units 23 May 2010
Stanier '8F' inauguration at Peak Rail 28 May 2009
The Best Laid Schemes ... 9 July 2010
On the Footplate (Part 1) 22 July 2010
On the Footplate (Part 2) 7 January 2011
Summer Saturday with a '2884' 4 September 2011
Battlefield Line Santa Specials 2011 18 December 2011
Driving 'Lion' 13 January 2012
A Day on the Footplate (1) 9-Jun-12
A Day on the Footplate (2) 25 June 2012
The Clack Valve 19 November 2012
Preparation of Locomotive 'Sapper' 8 January 2013
Battlefield Line 1940s Weekend (June 2013) 18 June 2013
Peak Rail in early 2014 11 March 2014
HST Charter to Peak Rail 12 March 2014
Water, water, everywhere 19 July 2015
Driving the 'Planet' replica 11 September 2015
Sunday at Shackerstone 4 April 2016
Peak Rail Winter Service 2013 22 August 2016
Locomotive Regulators (part 2) 11-Sep-2016
The Railway at Night 11-Sep-2016
Electrical Systems on Steam Locomotives 14-Sep-2016
'Operation: Market Bosworth' - On the Footplate 8-Oct-2016
Peak Rail Santa Specials 23-Dec-2016
Shackerstone Santa Specials 28-Dec-2016
British Locomotive Headcodes 1-Feb-2017
Bank Holiday with Steam and Diesel
The Role of the Shunter
The Role of the Shunter (2)
Two Failures
On the Footplate: the Drummond 'T9'
On the Footplate
Santa Specials at the Battlefield Line 2017
Passed Fireman
Class 08 User Manual

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