Monday, 20 February 2012


Monday, 20th February 2012

Greetings from Kasane, Botswana! Because of technical difficulties finding internet connections, my posts are a bit erratic. Some of them were initially posted as e-mails, so they'll have strange punctuation embedded until I can get around to fixing them. I spent three days on the 'Zambesi Queen' and that segment of the trip is now finished.

All the passengers would leave the 'Zambezi Queen' on Monday morning, but at different times, according to their onward travel arrangements. After a decent breakfast, a group of passengers, including Jan, boarded one of the posh aluminium boats and we went along the river to the by-now-familiar immigration office where we officially left Namibia. We boarded the boat again and continued along the river to the immigration office at Kasane. Once re-admitted to Botswana, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. With two other passengers, I was taken to Kasane Airport by car. This only took a few minutes but check-in for the light aircraft operated by Wilderness Air was a leisurely affair, taking about 25 minutes. Then I discovered that I'd two hours to wait before my flight to Duba Plains. The airport facilities were fairly modest but, to my amazement, there was an unsecured Wi-Fi that worked well, which allowed me to post this update.

I signed off with "I'll update you as soon as I can but it's possible I'll go silent for a while. It's all a bit of an adventure!". Well, that was true. It wasn't until I arrived at Maun some days later that I was able to make my next post, although I tried to write 'off-line' text whilst I was 'off the air'.