Monday, 20 February 2012

Cruising on the Chobe River

Saturday, 18th February 2012

On our return from our visit by 4 x 4 to Chobe National Park, we enjoyed an excellent lunch whilst 'Zambezi Queen' cruised on the Chobe River. Most of the animal interest was on the Botswanan side of the river, either on the flat, marshy island (now ceded to Botswana and displaying a single Botswanan flag as an unlikely symbol of nationality) or on the rising, wooded landscape forming part of the National Park we'd visited earlier. There was a fair-sized herd of buffalo on the island but now a couple of elephant appeared and splashed around happily in the swampy ground quite near to our boat.

Elephants on the island next to the 'Zambezi Queen'.

Later, we took to the small boats for more game viewing. Once again, we saw an amazing variety of colourful birds. By now late afternoon, more animals were apparent. We saw Water Monitors (a type of lizard) and crocodiles, either swimming largely submerged or basking along the shore.

A crocodile, basking in the late afternoon sun, casts a baleful eye on our boat.

As we returned to our houseboat, we saw a Hippopotamus running through the marshy ground of the island and throwing up an awful lot of spray.

A hippopotamus at speed.

Life back on the 'Zambezi Queen' was very relaxing - drinks, dinner and, for those with the energy, more talking and drinking. I was only to happy to take to my comfortable bed.