Monday, 20 February 2012

Chobe National Park viewed from the River

Sunday, 19th February 2012

In the late afternoon, we set off once again by small boat and headed towards the Chobe National Park. Passing the island, we had good views of the buffalo herd and hippopotamus.

Buffalo on the island.

Once again, we were to cruise along the river margin of the game park but, this time, in the opposite direction. First, we briefly docked at what turned out to be another Immigration Office but only Vincent went ashore, to obtain permission for us to cruise in Botswanan waters until 6 p.m. With this permission, we were able to go close inshore to watch the animals and birds.

"Impala in Abundance".

We saw Impala in abundance before cruising past the Chobe Safari Lodge. The various buildings of the Lodge were interconnected with high-level wooden walkways. There also appeared to be an electric fench, with its live wires intentionally set high to discourage only the larger animals, like elephant, from wandering too near the buildings.

Elephants in Chobe National Park.

It became very overcast and we thought we were in for a dousing but we returned to the 'Zambesi Queen' safely, passing a group of elephant walking near the shoreline before turning inland and disappearing into the trees.

There are more pictures of our cruise here.