Thursday, 31 May 2012

Stationery Distribution at Kyoon Khing Gyi School

18th December 2010

Stationery distribution at Kyoon Khing Gyi School.

An earlier post describes a visit to Kyoon Khing Gyi School following a period of exceptional rain. On 18th December 2010, Dr. Hla Tun made a further visit, accompanied by two guests from the 'Road to Mandalay'. Each of the 230 students were given two exercise books and two pencils.

Polite, smiling children in rather basic accommodation at Kyoon Khing Gyi School.

At many schools in Myanmar, some classrooms are rather basic. This illustrates the importance of the 'Road to Mandalay' charitable initiative to provide better schoolrooms, substantially built using brick walls and zinc-coated corrugated steel roofs, paid for by foreign donors.

New school building under construction at Kyoon Khing Gyi.

The visit to Kyoon Khing Gyi also gave an opportunity to look at progress in the construction of the new school building donated by the Toyota Charter Group from Australia.

At the adjacent village of In Chaung, Dr. Hla Tun looked at the foundations of another donated school building which should be finished in May 2011.

Foundations of the new schoolroom at In Chaung.