Thursday, 31 May 2012

Donation of School Fees

23rd April 2011

Seven of the ten girls supported by the 'Better Future Project'.

Certain 'Road to Mandalay' Donors wished to provide educational support to girl students in the Bagan - Mount Popa area and this desire has been implemented in the 'Better Future Project' which provides school and tuition fees during 2011 to ten girls from four villages. The Donors have targeted girls in the belief that they will have a greater attachment to their local area than boys and are more likely to help take care of the local community on completion of their education.

Many able students in rural areas have to leave their education after Middle School because there is no local High School and parents cannot afford the fees or travelling costs to a suitable High School. The students for the 'Better Future Initiative' were chosen in conjunction with local Headmasters and Head Monks.

The ten girls are made up up of 1 at Grade 9, 5 at Grade 10, 2 at Grade 11 and 2 who have passed Grade 11 and will be attending University or Midwife Training.

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