Thursday, 31 May 2012

Orphans in Myanmar

23rd December 2010

Orphans from Mandalay carol singing in December 2010.

Although Myanmar is a largely Buddhist country, Christmas is widely celebrated. On the 23rd December 2010, fifteen orphans from Mandalay gave a carol concert. Afterwards, the RTM Charity donated money to the orphanage.

There are many orphanages in Myanmar, taking in large numbers of children. Sometimes the children have lost both parents, sometimes only one where the poverty prevents the remaining parent from looking after the child. Extreme poverty may result in a child with both parents living being classed as an orphan.

Bagan Monastery: Three young boys being prepared for the noviciation ceremony.

Where there is no suitable orphanage, a local Monastery or Nunnery may take in children to become Novices. On 26th December 2010, three young boys were noviciated at Bagan Monastery and guests from the 'Road to Mandalay' were able to witness the proceedings.

Bagan Monastery: Three young boys being presented to the Head Monk in December 2010.

There are a couple of earlier posts describing visits to orphanages in Myanmar. On 1st Sep 2009 I visited Doe Pin Orphanage. Then, on 1st November 2011, I visited three orphanages (including a second visit to Doe Pin) in the company of Captain Myo Lwin and Dr. Hla Tun.