Thursday, 7 July 2011

'Lion Shoot'

No, not a wildlife safari but a morning filming session with John Hawley at the 'Lion Tavern' in Liverpool on 6th July 2011. Centre Screen Productions are making an audio-visual presentation to interpret 'Lion' in her new home in the Museum of Liverpool and Jan and John had been invited to participate. The 'Lion Tavern' is a traditional Public House situated on the corner of Moorfields and Tithe Barn Street.

I was particularly impressed with the view of the restored facade of Liverpool Exchange station from the bar of the 'Lion Tavern'. The location is now 'Mercury Court' and the interior of the building has been completely re-modelled. There is still a station here - the subterranean 'Moorfields' accessed via the usual nondescript modern British Rail buildings.

John and I were finished shortly after 1.00 p.m. and the weather was good, so we decided to treat ourselves to a round trip on the Mersey Ferry before returning south.


Exchange Station (and elsewhere)
Liverpool (from the Mersey Ferry).