Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Track Sketch: Bude

Sketches done on site are often hard to follow. Normally, I'd make a fair copy when I returned home but, in this case, I don't believe there is a better copy, so here is the original version, believed to date from the 1960s.

(Click on the sketch to enlarge)

TP - 'Tubular Peculiar' Tubular post of a different pattern
W - Wooden post
LG - Loading Gauge
WT - Water Tank
WC - Water Column
CS - 'Catch Rails' (Trap points with a switch in both rails)
GS - Goods Shed
Y - Yellow ground signal (may be passed 'on' for movements towards the goods shed).

Hard to believe this has all been swept away. A note suggests that the platform could accommodate at least six coaches. Note that the goods yard had a Side Dock, an End Dock and a Cattle Dock. It appears that there was a '50' speed limit sign adjacent to the bracket signal carrying the Up Signals. A 'Standard' tank, 80042, was seen here with a 2-coach set.