Thursday, 7 July 2011

Track Sketch: Falmouth

Sketches done on site are often hard to follow. Normally, I'd make a fair copy when I returned home. So far, I've not found a better copy, so here is the original version, believed to date from 1964.

(Click on sketch to enlarge)

T - Tubular post
W - Wooden post
GS - Goods Shed

Note the Tablet Catcher opposite the signal box. There was a steeply-inclined branch leading down to the docks. The main platform was provided with an umbrella roof. Note the Camping Coach in the siding next to the station. The branch seemed to be worked by 3-car Diesel Multiple Units.

For details of what remained in 2005, refer to 'Railway Track Diagrams' Book 3: Western', Fourth Edition, published by Trackmaps (ISBN: 0-9549866-1-X). The First Edition of this book was published by Quail in 1989.