Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Surveying for new School Buildings

16th October 2010

Thick sand left behind on a major road.

On 16th October 2010, Dr. Hla Tun visited a number of villages on the way from Bagan to Mount Popa for survey purposes.

The villages of Kaung Nyo, Da Hat Kan, War Khing Gyi and In Chaung were being examined for suitability to receive new buildings funded by donors. At Kyoon Khing Gyi, a new building is already under construction, donated by guests from Australia.

Prior to this visit, the area had been subject to unusually heavy rain storms lasting over two weeks, making communication difficult. Normally dry areas became raging torrents - near Bagan a diesel locomotive and coaches were derailed! Young people continuing education after 5th grade frequently have to travel long distances on foot daily from their home village to the nearest school providing secondary education. Tragically, fatalities occurred involving young people being swept away by the water.

The flood water brought with it massive amounts of sand which, of course, were left behind after the waters receded.

Because of these hazards, many teachers and parents are keen to provide for local schooling beyond Grade 5 to avoid the time-consuming and sometimes dangerous daily commute undertaken by young people.