Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Opening of School Building in Chauk Kan

13th February 2010

The Opening Ceremony.

The village of Chauk Kan in Myanmar is about 14 miles from Bagan. It lies on a side road branching from the road from Bagan to Mount Popa, about 45 minutes by car from Bagan.

A headmaster and eight teachers currently look after 271 students, up to 9th Grade. The Government provide salaries for only 5 teachers, covering up to 5th Grade. The other teachers are funded by payments from students of 700 Kyats per month in 6th and 7th Grade and 1,000 Kyats per month in 8th and 9th Grade. Grades 6 to 9 are open to pupils from two neighbouring villages where there is no local provision above 5th Grade.

The school in Chauk Kan was short of accommodation (the total population in the area is over 2,000) so the RTM Charitable Initiative planned a new building in 2009 which was funded by Mr. and Mrs. Henseler from Germany. The new building is about 25 feet by 40 feet with brick walls and zinc coated steel roof.

The opening ceremony was carried out by Mr. James B. Sherwood, Dr. Shirley Sherwood and a volunteer RTM Guest on 13th February 2010. Following the ceremony, an exercise book and three pencils were distributed to each of the 271 pupils and longyi were donated to 8 teachers and 3 headmasters. Prizes were awarded to outstanding students in each grade and a meal of noodles was provided for all the pupils. There was a tour of the school and the pupils put on a concert in the school compound.

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