Monday, 6 February 2012

Railway Friends at Brewood

John, Phil, Mick, Ian and Mike in a rather formal pose.

A few of my railway friends visited Brewood Hall on 27th January 2012 for discussions and research. This time, there was no organised Slideshow, but Ian had brought his laptop so as to share some of his comprehensive records of the South Stafford Line.

Mick and Phil at work in the library,

Towards the end of 2011, further shelving was installed in the library and a start has been made on organising the fairly extensive collection of books and documents but the job will take some time to complete.

Ian shows Mick some of his extensive computerised visual records.

It's exchanging information with this group which has encouraged me to keep posting some of the railway articles in this blog about my own recollections of the end of the steam era.

The evening finished with refreshments, discussions and a commitment to meet again soon. In the meantime, matters proceed via e-mail. Earlier meetings are described here and here.