Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Traffic Movements at Tipton Curve, 1965

There's an introduction to Tipton Curve box here.

Tipton Curve, Saturday 22nd May 1965

In this case, I've located my Train Register covering these movements and a copy appears after the text. The original notes appear in italics with minimal editing, sometimes followed by my recent comments attempting clarification. The numbers in brackets have been added purely to assist in locating entries.

(1) '37' Up - Train of empty Iron Ore very fast, Class 8 tender first.
(2) A special of Ore goes 'down the Vale'.
(3) 'T23' comes from Bloomfield, with 350 h.p. diesel electric, cab leading, HG, Lowside and two tenders with sludge. The guard is on the footboard of the brake, waiting to 'unhook' but the train goes 'almost to Princes End' with an unfamiliar driver! The Engine and Brake returns to Bloomfield.
(4) Later in the day, when we re-open, a Trolley is being pushed 'Bang Road' from Tipton with an S & T Bridge Girder. No signal box knows anything so we stop him and make him clear our Track, to let us have an Electrification train down for Bushbury - engine, LMR Brake, Well Wagon loaded with transformers, Crane, Match Truck and BR Brake.