Monday, 3 January 2011

Traffic Movements at Sedgeley Junction 1962-1963 (Part 13)

This is one of a series of posts describing traffic movements I observed whilst unofficially working Sedgeley Junction signal box.

As described in Part 1, you can find the passenger timings here and the freight timings here. The notes are intended to go with a copy of the Train Register Book which is missing so, forty seven years later, the meaning of some of the original notes is not very clear. The original notes appear in italics with minimal editing, sometimes followed by my recent comments attempting clarification. The numbers in brackets have been added to assist in locating entries.

Sedgeley Jn. Saturday 18th May 1963

(1) The Walsall Parcels runs.
(2) T39 goes Up. 4914 has vans, 1 Tube wagon, 1 Empty (mineral wagon), 1 Plate wagon, 1 loaded BBC (bogie bolster), 2 mi neral wagons loaded with scrap and an LMS bauxite brake van.
(3) The Dudleyport local comes off the branch and heads for Dudley.
(4) Once the Dudleyport local has cleared, we pull off for T39, propelling his brake down the main, having dropped his train at Dudley.
(5) The Up Parcels is 46457 with two LMR full brakes.
(6) 8450 eases WR1 gently downhill. The train is open wagons looaded with carboys, mineral wagons with slag, a dozen coal, a loaded BBE, 16 Tube wagons and a BR brake.
(7) 8375 goes Up with T47 comprising 7 steel open wagons loaded with wagon wheelsets, 2 sheeted opens, 20 loads of slack, 2 open, 1 Plate, 2 Tube, 1 Double Bolster, 4 Plate, 2 Tube and a BR brake. T39 is storming away at the back, still attached to his brake.
(8) The Parcels returns on the down, with just one LMR 'BG'.
(9) T65 passes on the Up, with 8680 on the front. The load is 10 coal, Conflats, 10 coal, one Ferry Van, 7 coal, 1 van, 1 open with sheeted carboys and a BR brake. 45146 (T63) is providing banking assistance.
(10) At 11.30 a.m., 4914 takes T39 up with 2 loaded 'BBE', 2 Plate Wagons, 2 open wagons, 1 Benzene tank wagon, 6 coal wagons and a BR brake.
(11) Later, T39 returns on the Down with a Plate Wagon, Tube Wagon, a few Vans and the Brake.
(12) At Noon, 8410 with a W.R. Brake stencilled 'PADDINGTON' goes down off WR2.
(13) Having disposed of his train, the engine off T47 goes down tender first.
(14) On the Down, T65's engine is also tender first, being hustled along by 45 "empties".
(15) WR1 is 'wired' as "25 equal to 32 Stourport." We took him as a '3-2' and offer that to Dudley East, but he accepts a '1-4'. He's having a bit of trouble coming up the bank. His lamps are one on the chimney and one on the left buffer beam (looking from the cab). The train is power station slack with a W.R. brake and T63 providing banking assistance.
(16) T63 scuttles downhill light engine, ready for his next banking turn.
(17) WR2 makes an appearance on the Up with a mixed train of about 30 coal, 3 'Hybar', 1 short 'PLATE' wagon and the 'PADDINGTON' W.R. brake.