Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Traffic Movements at Sedgeley Junction 1962-1963 (Part 8)

This is one of a series of posts describing traffic movements I observed whilst unofficially working Sedgeley Junction signal box.

As described in Part 1, you can find the passenger timings here and the freight timings here. The notes are intended to go with a copy of the Train Register Book which is missing so, forty seven years later, the meaning of some of the original notes is not very clear. The original notes appear in italics with minimal editing, sometimes followed by my recent comments attempting clarification. The numbers in brackets have been added to assist in locating entries.

Sedgeley Jn. Friday 29th March 1963

Another night turn!

(1) 8375 backs downhill very gently with a long train, Bogie Bolsters and a long line of tube wagons, with a 'Western' brake: it's Target 47.
(2) On the Up line, T65 is 'put on the block'
('Is Line Clear accepted from the box in rear). We're told that the 'Tanks' are already at a stand at Goldshill so we get the road for T65 and his assisting Engine and Brake 'up the loop'. He's going rather poorly as the 'Class 8' passes the box with loaded Plate wagons, coal, Midland Tar Distiller's tanks, open wagons and a BR Brake, helped by another Class 8 with an LMS Brake. The Guard on the rear brake has already set the correct side light to white. The load is reported as 37 equal to 44 for Stourbridge.
(3) On the Down, the 'Gloucesters' come by early with a 'Class 9' on a train of 39 wagons, a brake, 2 open wagons, 1 Conflat and a BR Brake.
(4) WR3 comes downhill with 8459 and vans, open wagons, Plate, BBC, open wagons and a BR Brake.
(5) T63 comes down and slowly shunts Coneygree Siding, putting off one and picking up one open wagon. We get him away to Dudley Port for water, tender first and with a recently-painted LMS Brake.
(6) The Soho Road tanks go down.
(7) 48417 tender first goes down, with about six and the brake.
(8) At 4.00 a.m. WR3 passes on the Up with 30 for Stourport. 48459 is on the front and 48713 with a BR brake van (8T13) is working hard at the rear.
(9) The down Newspaper Train scuttles by on the down as WR3 labours up to Dudley.
(10) The telephone gives an update "WR4 is 28 equal to 36 for Hartlebury, with the 'Cuckoo' to follow."
(11) As advised, WR4 comes up from Great Bridge with a number of 21 ton mineral wagons included in the load. He goes up the loop because the parcels is still on the main line block at Dudley East.
(12) At 4.51 a.m., an engine and brake creeps downhill, 48767, chimney leading, dragging a BR brake (with one of the sidelights out), probably T65.
(13) Just as dawn is breaking and a few birds are calling, the 'Cuckoo' comes up with 25 equal to 30 for Round Oak. The train engine is blowing steam and puffing dark smoke dragging a line of 16-tonners which look empty. The LMS brake van has the tail lamp knocked over and 48713 is in the rear, working hard as usual.
(14) Later, the Parcels Engine, 46425, coasts by on the Up.
(15) I notice the Stoke Parcels on the Down Stour at Dudleyport. He detaches the Dudleys in the South Sidings at Dudleyport. A little later, the Parcels Engine goes down light to Dudleyport to pick up the Dudleys. He's soon heading back to Dudley with a Long Wheel Base 4-wheeler, an Eastern Region Full Brake and an LMS Full Brake.
(16) T39 is a Class 8, 3 vans, 4 mineral wagons and a BR brake.