Friday, 12 May 2017

Onwards to Perth

Events of Thursday 11th May 2017

That's Perth, Western Australia, not the one in Scotland.

I managed to pack, have breakfast and be ready for Doctor Hla Tun to take me to the airport. The Doctor's daughter and wife were with us in the car. The Doctor's daughter has just started medical studies at the college in Yangon so we dropped her at the campus before continuing to Mingalardon Airport Terminal 2. I said "Goodbye" to the Doctor and his wife helped me with my luggage to the right Check-in queue where we also said "Goodbye", as she had to open her Gift Shop in Terminal 2.

My travel agents, Wexas, had recommended flying by Jet Star to Singapore then Business Class by Quantas from Singapore to Perth. Both flights, confusingly were 'code share' with Emirates. The Jet Star flight was all-economy (an A320 with 3+3 seating) and they charge for all food and drink separately. But, apparently, my name appeared on a special list and I received a free meal, a wash bag and the use of a blanket which proudly claimed it was made from '19 recycled plastic bottles'.

We arrived on time at Singapore's huge Changi Airport, the Transfer Desk issued my boarding card for my onward flight to Perth and I had a little over one and a half hours in the comfort of the excellent Quantas Lounge with time for a Coca Cola, Cheese Plate and internet fast enough to load a few pictures from Bagan.
The aircraft on the Perth leg was a Boeing 737. Despite the winglets to improve economy, the narrow body gives this iconic design a rather old-fashioned appearance. We taxied to the runway and, after one arrival and one departure had preceded us, we took off for the four and a half hour flight to Perth.

After a good flight, we landed a few minutes early at Perth. Immigration, Luggage Reclaim and Customs were completed promptly and the driver for my booked car was waiting in the arrival hall. Within a few minutes, we were on the way to my friend's house, arriving about twenty past midnight. After a joyful re-union with my friend Keith, his wife Fhines and, of course, Sasha the dog, I retired for the night.

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Yangon Airport (2010 and later).
Jetstar at Mingalardon.
Yangon -Singapore by air.
Singapore (Changi) Airport (2015 and later).

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