Sunday, 7 May 2017

On to Inle Lake

Events of Sunday 7th May 2017

I slept well at Hotel Kalaw Hill Lodge, took an early breakfast and then, as the day before, had to borrow their tiny battery-powered modem before I could attach to the internet. I was not being picked up until noon but, rather than relaxing, I used the morning to produce a review of the previous days events.

The reason for the late start? I'd determined to make another journey by train. In 2016, I'd travelled from Thazi to Kalaw by train, as described here. This time, I'd arranged to start the journey at Kalaw and travel to Shwe Nyaung, about a three and a half hour journey.

We drove to the station and waited for the train which, not unusually, was late. Thandar Oo travelled with me on the journey and our car and driver went on ahead with the luggage. I took lots of pictures of railways, the scenery and people. At some point, there will no doubt be a more technical commentary for those interested in railways.

I was quite tired by the time we arrived at Shwe Nyaung but our car was waiting so we set off for Nyaung Shwe (yes, same words, opposite order). The developments in the almost nine years since I last visited the area were quite noticeable. Thandar Oo and I boarded a boat to take us to my hotel - the Villa Inle Resort and Spa. Then I realised that the boats I'd admired at Phe Khong the previous day were actually the 'standard' design used around Inle Lake.

The boat must have taken about 30 minutes to reach my destination as the sun set in the west and the heat of the day abated. My arrival at Inle Lake almost 8 years ago is described here and you can find all my posts on that trip to the Far East here.

My personal, large, wooden villa at the Villa Inle Resort and Spa was very luxurious and I'd have happily stayed longer than the two nights arranged.

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Kalaw Hill Lodge.
Around Kalaw (pictures from 2016 and 2017).
Kalaw - Shwe Naung by train.
Shwe Naung to Villa Inle Resort by car and boat.
Villa Inle Resort and Spa.

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