Sunday, 14 May 2017

Perth (Saturday)

Events of Saturday 13th May 2017

I was up in time to accompany Keith on a short walk with Sasha, Keith's dog. We left by car about 6.45 a.m. to drive to the home of Keith's friend, Birgit Gabriels. Occasionally on a Saturday, Keith and Birgit drive to the large Ikea store north of Perth for breakfast in the cafeteria, followed by a browse around the extensive showrooms.

I'd been invited to accompany them so, with Sasha and Birgit's dog Pepper left on guard duty in Birgit's house, we transferred to Birgit's car and drove towards the city, pausing to refuel the car. On a Saturday, we were able to make rapid progress and, after skirting the city centre, we continued north to Ikea and parked in the extensive ground level car park and went to the cafeteria where we each enjoyed an excellent, inexpensive breakfast including scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, tomato and a hash brown, accompanied by tea or coffee with free refills. Then, we spent some time touring the showrooms and Birgit made some purchases - the prices in Australia, like my own country, represent very good value.

Perth: Around and About: Keith and Birgit shopping at IKEA.

Retrieving Birgit's car, we returned south, pausing at a large supermarket, a branch of Woolworth, where Birgit did a little shopping. I was impressed by the size of the 'Deli' counter and also by a small island counter selling Sushi, staffed by no fewer than six Sushi chefs.

Perth: Around and About: Keith and Birgit shopping at Woolworths.

Shopping complete, we returned to Birgit's house and two very welcoming dogs where we chatted for some time in the elegant Dutch-themed house designed by Birgit's architect father. After a sandwich lunch with Birgit, Keith drove back to his home, detouring to visit another of Keith's friends, Annette. She was born in Australia but trained as a midwife in England, working in Wythenshawe (Manchester) and London's Harley Street before spells as a midwife in both Libya and Turkey.

In Australia, like America, you can make up your own car registration and Keith and I were amused by the registration 'ITZA MINE', attached to a beautifully-restored Ford Mustang.

Perth: Around and About, Ford Mustang 'ITZA MINE'.

I'd arranged to meet my friend Captain Myo Lwin, whom I'd first met in 2008 as captain of the 'Road to Mandalay' river cruise ship in Myanmar. Having retired, he now divides his time between Perth, where he lives with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandson Wyatt, and Yangon. I was amazed at how Wyatt had grown since I last saw him.

Perth: Captain Myo Lwin, his Wife, Grandson and Jan.

After an enjoyable visit, Keith and I returned to Keith's home.

We spent a quiet evening in, watching television and talking. I dealt with e-mails, updated the blog and copied my photographs to my computer (in duplicate) until they could be uploaded to the internet.

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