Tuesday, 16 May 2017

By Air to Melbourne

Events of Monday 15th May 2017

I was picked up a little after 8.00 a.m. on Monday to be taken to the domestic airport at Perth to catch a Quanta flight to Melbourne. I was sad to leave Keith, Fhines and Sasha behind.

I was travelling Economy and the large Check-in Hall was completely devoid of staff (except for a single Business Class check-in desk). So I thought I'd better attempt to use the Self-Check-In and Bag Drop which, rather to my surprise, I managed without incident.

With only minimal hand carried luggage, security was next. There were plenty of staff there and all were friendly and charming, improving my mood considerably.

At the Gate, the seating overlooked the Boeing 737-800 we were about to board and, on time, Quantas staff checked boarding passes and the passengers shuffled down the air bridge to the aircraft. The economy cabin had 3+3 seating and I did find it cramped but the cabin crew were welcoming.

Perth Airport (Domestic): My Boeing 737-800 to Melbourne.

We took off promptly but there was a fair bit of turbulence as we climbed to cruising altitude. Once things had settled down, a meal was served. I had sausage and mash (in a cardboard box) but it was warm and tasty. As well as an orange juice, they followed up with tea or coffee (I had tea, of course) and later in the flight we had a frozen Snickers bar. We reached Melbourne in just over three hours. All in all, I found it a very satisfactory experience.

Melbourne Airport.

Because it was a domestic flight, the driver of my booked car was able to meet me in Baggage Reclaim - displaying my name on the screen of his mobile phone which looked very professional. We had a few minutes wait before baggage started to arrive at the carousel, but my two pieces appeared fairly early so we were soon driving into the city.

Although Melbourne has plenty of modern buildings and skyscrapers, many rather older buildings remain, giving the city an atmosphere which appealed to me, as it did on my first visit back in 2006. That first visit was part of a trip I call 'Round the World 3'. There's a very brief description in the post here but only the sections titled 'Saturday 18th' and 'Sunday 19th' talk about my expeiences in Melbourne.

This time, my travel agent had recommended the 'Hotel Lindrum', an old office building converted with a modern interior. My room on the third floor looked across the street to the complex network of railway lines entering Flinders Street Station, which pleased me greatly. All of the trains were Electric Multiple Units and the service was intensive - I discovered Melbourne's population is four and a half million and growing.

Melbourne's Railways (2017): The approaches to Flinders Street Station, viewed from my room at the Hotel Lindrum.

By the time I'd checked-in, it was late afternoon (Melbourne is two hours ahead of Perth) but I decided to take a short walk before it became dark. My route from the hotel took me along Flinders Street, parallel to the railway, towards Flinders Street railway station.

Melbourne: 'W' class heritage trams provide a free service around the city-centre Circle Line.

Melbourne: Flinders Street Station busy with commuters at 5.30 p.m.

I visited the tourist office, purchased a local transport ticket to use the following day, had a portion of chips in a station cafe and purchased a Coca Cola and Kit-Kat to take back to the hotel. It was dark by the time I was back at the hotel, so I worked in my room on the computer until bedtime.

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Perth Airport (Domestic).
Melbourne Airport.
Melbourne (2006 and 2017).
Hotel Lindrum, Melbourne.
Melbourne's Local Railways (2006 and 2017).

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