Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bagan Medical Clinic Update

This report is based on information from Doctor Hla Tun, who also supplied the photographs. The delay in posting this report is, I'm afraid, down to me.

My previous report showed monthly statistics up to the end of October 2015, when the total number of treatments since the Clinic opened on August 6, 2011 was 159,680.

Treatment Summary

The table below summarises the number of treatments per month from November 2015 to March 2016 and the total number of treatments.

Month Treatments in month Total treatments
November 2015 1,470 161,150
December 2015 1,590 162,740
January 2016 2,691 165,431
February 2016 2,170 167,601
March 2016 1,610 169,211

General Notes

Need for translators

Some patients travel long distances from the Delta, Rakhine State and Chin State to the Clinic. Translators are required for some of these ethnic groups because of the local dialects they use rather than standard Myanmar language.

Free Lunches

Lunch is served to patients and their companions on the clinic days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Free Lunch being served to waiting patients by guests from 'Road to Mandalay' ship.

Anti-snake Venom

The Bagan Medical Clinic has made a number of donations of Anti-snake Venom to local hospitals. In July 2015, during flooding which increased the risk of snake bites, donations were made in Magway, Nyaung Oo and to local health staff. Originally, the products were imported from India or Thailand. However, locally-made products (extracted from horse serum after being injected with venom from indigenous vipers and cobras) prove more potent. The donations are particularly important because almost all snake-bite victims are farmers or daily-waged who are often unable to afford the more potent but more expensive local product. Provided the victim is admitted to hospital promptly, the treatment saves lives. The picture below shows the Assistant Surgeon at Myin Mu hospital receiving anti-snake venom from Dr. Hla Tun.

Donation of anti-snake venom to Myin Mu Hospital.

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