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Da Nyn Gone Railway Station, Myanmar


Da Nyn Gone is a junction station about twelve miles north of Yangon, where the Circle Line diverges from the line to Pyay. A busy, broad road crosses the railway just north of the platforms. The road is called Khayae Pin Road to the west of the level crossing and Da Nyn Gone Station Road to the east. The station building is on the east side (Circle Line Down platform) and is provided with a small canopy. The island platform (serving the Up Circle Line and the Down Pyay Line) also has umbrella roofing.

The level crossing at Da Nyn Gone Station, looking west along Khayae Pin Road.

There is a large market a little to the west, which also spills out onto stalls on both sides of the station and numerous vendors on the platforms themselves. In 2014, the whole station area was unfenced, as shown in the view below.

Approaching Da Nyn Gone station with its 'impromptu market', viewed from a clockwise Circle Line Train.

By the time of my visit in 2015, fences had appeared to the west of the station, in between the Up and Down Pyay lines and in between the Up and Down Circle lines, as seen below.

Da Nyin Gone staion, viewed from an approaching Clockwise Circle Line DMU.

Origins of Da Nyn Gone Station

Rail transport was first introduced in Myanmar in May 1877, when Lower Burma was a British colony, with the opening of the 163-mile (262 km) Yangon to Pyay line which passed through Da Nyn Gone by The Irrawaddy Valley State Railway. At that time, the Yangon terminus was at Kyee Myin Daing. Da Nyn Gone became a junction when the Circle Line was constructed, diverging to the north east from Da Nyn Gone and then looping back south so as to provide a route back to Yangon.

Track Layout

Rather than providing a 'classical' double track junction incorporating a diamond crossing (as is provided at Pazundaung and Yangon Central Station), the junction between the original line to Pyay and the later Circle Line is now implemented as a trailing crossover and two facing turnouts, in accordance with more modern practice. There are two sidings, controlled from hand levers, which appear to be out of use. One is south of the platform on the Up Circle Line, the other north of the level crossing on the Down Pyay Line. All other turnouts are operated by electric point machines.

View from train approaching Da Nyn Gone station, showing electric point machine at the south end of the trailing crossover.


The station area is controlled by a mixture of 2-aspect and 3-aspect colour light signals.

In 2013, DD.931 waits for signal 4L at Da Nyn Gone with a clockwise Circle Line train. The level crossing is in the background.

Signal '9L' is a 3-aspect with a route indicator of four white inclined lights which are illuminated for movements onto the Pyay line.

Da Nyi Gone signal '9L' displaying a 'Red'. The station is visible in the background

Signalling Control Panel at Da Nyn Gone.

Signalling Control

A small signalling control panel is situated in the station building.

Enlarged view of left side of Signalling Control Panel at Da Nyn Gone.

Enlarged view of right side of Signalling Control Panel at Da Nyn Gone..


I first saw this station in 2008 when I made a round trip on the Circle Line (described in the post The Circle Line, Yangon), but there are no pictures of Da Nyn Gone.

In 2012 I travelled on part of the Circle Line (report here) but didn't pass through Da Nyn Gone.

The following year, on 14th February 2013, I travelled from Yangon Central Station to and from the junction at Da Nyn Gone, producing pictures here and the post Yangon Area Railways.

On the 25th April 2014, I made a cab ride around the Circle line (see post Cab Ride around the Circle Line), and pictures here.

By 2015, the 'New' Diesel Multiple Units were being introduced and, on 4th May 2015, I went around the Circle line on one of these collecting more views in album The Circle Line by DMU.

Another 'New' Diesel Multiple Unit provided the motive power on 22nd April 2016 when I made another clockwise trip of the Circle Line with my young friend Aung (pictures here).

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