Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Bagan (Day 4)

Events of Monday, 2nd May 2016

On Monday, my last day in Bagan, the Monastery Compound housing Bagan Medical Clinic was strangely quiet as Sunday was the last opening day until the following Friday. However, Doctor Hla Tun was doing a special consultation for an 84 year old lady who had needed a wheelchair to get from car to consulting room, assisted by her younger companions.

Before flying back to Yangon in the afternoon, the Doctor had arranged that we would make presentations of stationery to schools. The Monastery's 'Hi-Ace' was already loaded and the regular Monastery driver so Doctor Hla Tun, the local Doctor and I boarded and we set off. During a tiring, hot day, we made joyful visits to three schools before I was returned to the Aye Yar Resort for my last night in Bagan and Dr. Hla Tun took the flight to Yangon.

Htee Pu

Htee Pu: Group picture of around 106 students who attended for stationery distribution

Bagan area school

Group picture after stationery distribution.

Nga Minn May school

Group picture after stationery distribution.

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