Friday, 22 April 2016

Trams Return to Rangoon

In the article Rangoon Tramways, I posted a brief introduction to the electric tram system which once served Rangoon.

Electric trams are once again running in Rangoon, now called Yangon, and on Thursday, 21st April 2016 I made my first trip on the new system. The line runs along Strand Road from War Dan (to the West, where the Depot is located) with stops at Maw Tin, Sint Ohe Dan, Pagoda Road, Pan So Dan, Bo Ta Htaung, terminating at Lansdown.

Tram TCE 3001 at the Lansdown (Eastern) terminus).

A modern overhead conductor system has been provided, apparently fed from a single sub-station at War Dan. An insulated feeder carried on the concrete supports allows the bare conductor to be parallel-fed at intervals.

The tramway is standard gauge, running on a single dual-gauge track which it shares with the metre-gauge line serving the goods depots along Strand Road. There are a few interesting dual gauge turnouts.

I took lots of pictures which you can find here. I'll add information on the rolling stockas soon as possible.

[Post time revised to place in sequence 1-May-2016: Link to pictures added 7-May-2016]