Tuesday, 15 March 2016

South Georgia (day 2)

In the previous post in this series South Georgia (day 1), I talked about my first experiences in this fascinating place. But we were destined to see more...

Tuesday, 8th March 2016

On Tuesday morning, we explored the two and a half mile long steep-sided inlet called Larsen Harbour by Zodiac.

Larsen Harbour: Weddell Seal (about 9 feet long) relaxing on the rocks.

Larsen Harbour: the face of the Glacier.

With everybody back on board, the Captain took our ship for a cruise along Drygalski Fjord, pirouetting the ship when we reached the glacier face so that everybody had an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the place.

The face of the Glacier, Drygalski Fjord.

The passengers admire the face of the Glacier, Drygalski Fjord.

Whilst the passengers enjoyed lunch in the dining room, the Captain moved the ship to Cooper Bay where we saw fur seals, King and Chinstrap penguins also Macaroni penguins with their extravagant plumes.

Life on the beach in Cooper Bay.

Macaroni Penguin, Cooper Bay, South Georgia.

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