Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Loco-profile 6: 'Planet' replica

The 1830s saw a remarkable and rapid development of the steam locomotive engine. In 1829, at the Rainhill Trials, 'Rocket' triumphantly proved the feasibility of hauling passenger trains using locomotives. Within a year, Robert Stephenson and Co. had built 'Planet', which offered significant technical advances. Various working replicas of 'Rocket' have been built but 'Planet' was unrepresented until Michael Bailey and the Planet Team, working at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (now MOSI) designed the 'Planet' replica. On 2nd October 1992 the Museum brought its 'Planet' replica into service. The replica has just completed 21 years of service at the Museum and other railway sites. The articles listed in 'Related posts' below give more information about the genesis of both the original and the replica locomotive.

'Planet' replica (with earlier taller chimney) and replica train.

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