Thursday, 14 June 2012

Visit to Pauk Taw Pauk Myaing Primary School

31st December 2011

Young girl students, 31-Dec-2011 (Photo: Dr. Hla Tun).

On 31st December 2011, guests from 'Road to Mandalay', accompanied by staff the hotel manager and Dr. Hla Tun, visited the village of Pauk Taw Pauk Myaing. In addition, stationery was distributed to students at the local school.

The school incorporates both Nursery accepting children from age 3 to 5 and Primary School for students aged 5 and above from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

Although the school was closed for Christmas and New Year Holidays (extending from 25th December to 4th January), teachers and students had been invited to come to school to accept the donations.

There are currently 198 students and each received two exercise books and two pencils. In addition, three Trash Bins, a football, coloured pencils, ballpoint pens, erasers and pencil sharpeners were donated to the Headmaster.

The students also sang school songs and performed morning physical exercises for the visitors.

On a previous visit, money had been donated to replace the old bamboo mat ceiling in the school. The visitors were able to inspect the completed work.

View of repaired ceiling