Friday, 6 January 2012

Traffic Movements at Tipton Station Box (1965?)

I've been unable to date this period of observation so far but the reference to the Colour Light implies it's after Tipton Station box was modernised. It's probably early 1965 and very likely a Saturday afternoon. No Train Register entries have been found.

(1) The Up '1-4' has 13 minutes before the Up Express so we take him on.
(2) The Down 2-3-1 ('Out-of-Gauge Load') is slipped onto the Curve, causing us to refuse the Up '4' for a moment, whilst the freight clears the junction.
(3) The Colour light goes to 'No Light'. Bloomfield stops the Express, so we cancel the train forward to Watery Lane. Then the 'phone comes back so we get the Express away.
(4) Watery Lane won't have the '1-4' now waiting at our Up Branch Home so a '4' runs next on the Up.
(5) Finally, we get the road for the Up Freight - 76042 with ballast in 'CATFISH' wagons.
(6) Open the gates to road traffic after the Up Ballast. Immediately receive 'Section' for the Down train. Close the gates to road traffic and pull off. He runs by with the engine whistling furiously.
(7) We take on a '4-1' from Princes End.
(8) Simon (S&T Lineman) gets the Colour Light back on. Are we back to normal? I wonder?
(9) The '4-1' is only short so we send him on to Watery Lane. He stops to shunt at Watery Lane.
(10) The Down Local picks up his passengers at Tipton without incident.
(11) Simon has an explanation for the Colour Light failure (not recorded what it was!).
(12) Next, 5288 comes off the Branch with a second trip - steel bars loaded on BBEs.
(13) A Fowler '4F' passes on the Up and backs inside with his brake at Watery Lane. He's to pick up at Watery Lane, after the Up Local has gone.
(14) On the Down, 8335 tender-first arrives with 12 Engineer's wagons and 15 Tiptons - steel mainly. He puts off the Tiptons on the front road, backs up and disappears towards Spring Vale.