Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The 'Mince Pie Flyer'

55005 at Shenton, waiting to return to Shackerstone.

My last railway 'turn' in 2011 was driving the single-unit 'Bubble Car' at the Battlefield Line on New Year's Eve. The four return trips from Shackerstone to Shenton with a stop each way at Market Bosworth had been advertised as 'The Mince Pie Flyer'. Every passenger was given a mince pie and a drink, alcoholic for the grown-ups, soft drinks for children. In contrast to my turn two days before on 'Agecroft No. 1' at MOSI, the weather remained dry and the sun was out. It did become a little cold later, but it was a splendid day to finish the year.

The single-unit W55005 has recently been 'outshopped' after fairly major work and it looked splendid. I'd never driven W55005 before but, of course, all the controls across a range of DMU types are similar. I'd been warned that, at start-up, I might need to restart Number 1 Engine a couple of times but, in fact, it fired up first go and ran sweetly for about ninety minutes. Then, on the way back to Shackerstone, that engine quit and refused to restart. I eased back into Shackerstone and Pete and I had another go at re-starting, without success. I decided to run on the remaining engine for the rest of the day so Pete and I isolated the final drive and isolated the engine. I completed the 'Diagram' on time without further incident. The most likely cause of the engine problem was air remaining in the fuel line after an earlier hose replacement, but the sound design of the 'Modernisation' Diesel Multiple Units meant that we didn't need to declare a failure.

I really enjoyed the day!

Jan 'in the chair' before departure from Shackerstone.

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