Monday, 5 December 2011

Audio Visual Installations at the Museum of Liverpool

Click on any picture below to see the un-cropped image.

In the post 'Royal Visit to the Museum of Liverpool', I described the state-of-the-art Audio-Visual systems used around the museum, which use a number of high-definition flat screen displays and large, projected images. The picture below shows the facilities associated with just one exhibit - the locomotive 'Lion'.

At high level, there are three large displays using Panasonic projectors. In the above picture, views of Liverpool are being shown but, at other times, pictures of 'Lion' are projected. In front of the locomotive, three high-definition flat screens are provided. In the foreground, a pedestal has pushbuttons allowing visitors to select one of two presentations (with or without subtitles and signing).

The Liverpool Overhead Railway display shown above also has complex A.V. facilities. The are three high definition flat screens, three control panels with multiple selection buttons and six handsets.

All the A.V. systems are controlled through a comprehensive computer network around the museum provided by Cisco. I was able to visit one of the four equipment rooms in the museum where the A.V. control equipment is situated.

The left and right cubicles in the above picture are associated with control of the Audio Visual presentations. The central cubicle provides a 'conventional' computer network. The Audio Visual equipment includes BrightSign High Definition Media Players, Adtec 'signEdje' High Definition Digital Signage Players and WOTbOX Solid State Audio Players. A slide-mounted Laptop Computer allows diagnostics and programming of all features.

There's a small set of pictures of the A.V. equipment here.