Sunday, 10 July 2011

Track Sketch: Watchet

Sketches done on site are often hard to follow. Normally, I'd make a fair copy when I returned home but I haven't found a later copy, so here is the original version from 1964. Watchet Harbour (on the left of the sketch) once generated significant traffic for the railway, hence the fairly generous goods sidings.

(Click on the sketch to enlarge)

FB - Footbridge
LG - Loading Gauge
GS - Goods Shed

Watchet station remains open, as part of the West Somerset Railway. When I made this sketch, I never imagined I'd one day fire steam trains on this route!

For details of the station in 2005, refer to 'Railway Track Diagrams' Book 3: Western', Fourth Edition, published by Trackmaps (ISBN: 0-9549866-1-X). The First Edition of this book was published by Quail in 1989.