Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Track Sketch: Bodmin General

Sketches done on site are often hard to follow. Normally, I'd make a fair copy when I returned home. So far, I've not found a better copy, so here is the original version, believed to date from the 1960s.

I noted that the station was served by 8 departures to Bodmin Road (on the Great Western main line) and 7 departures to Wadebridge on a summer weekday. A 'Bo-Bo' and brake van was standing in the platform as I made my sketch, presumably after working a freight in. At around 11.0 a.m., the engine and brake departed on the Wadebridge line.

(Click on either sketch to enlarge)

D - Doll (reduced-size goods line arm)
CS - Coaling Stage
CR - 'Catch Rail' (Trap points with a switch in the outer rail)
T - Tubular post
W - Wooden post
SB - Signal Box
GS - Goods Shed
WB - Weighbridge