Monday, 18 April 2011

Off again!

It's some time since I flew from Manchester Airport and I'm amazed at the changes to Terminal 1.

There are three modern check-in halls, one behind the other. Mid-afternoon, the airport isn't busy and I'm soon checked in and making my way through security. All my luggage gets X-rayed and I have to go through a Whole Body scanner, then I have to take of my shoes so that they can be X-rayed. I make my usual complaint about being forced to walk on the public floor in stocking feet - the security man assures me the floor is cleaned 'Eight Times a Day'. The north-country staff are a little more good natured than at my bete-noire of airports (Heathrow). I negotiate the massive Duty Free, spending a little time browsing in the huge W H Smith. I find a second (smaller) W H Smith near the end of Duty Free. Then I'm looking for the 'Wilmslow Room' - Servisair's Business Lounge (Serviceair are the ground handling agents here for Lufthansa).

Oh, I didn't tell you, did I? I'm Lufthansa to Munich, change and then on to Johannesburg. After a meeting with one of our suppliers, it's on to Cape Town and an overnight at the Cape Grace Hotel. Then, I embark on the Royal Mail Ship 'St. Helena' for the voyage to the island of St. Helena.

All my pictures from the trip are here.