Sunday, 15 May 2011


Some of the Links to Photographs in my blog are not currently working.

Initially, this was because my pictures, which were hosted by Fotopic for a number of years, became unavailable because Fotopic stopped trading early in March 2011 and the parent company, Snappy Designs, went into voluntary liquidation. The pictures actually embedded in my blog posts continued to work because they were stored in 'Picasa'.

The servers containing the Fotopic site were purchased by a former director of Snappy Designs and there were suggestions that the pictures would become available in the future but (as you may imagine) that didn't happen.

So, the only alternative was to re-create the on-line picture archive with another host from my backups. This was a major task and there are some pictures for which I didn't find backups so they're currently regarded as lost.

Apart from the 'lost' pictures, most of the photographs have now been re-loaded on 'Flickr'. I've concentrated on making the images themselves available and many photographs either lack individual titles or the titles are still in the title page of the Set.

There are hundreds of links from the blog to the photographs, most of which should now be working again, but I'm afraid some may have been missed. But you can go to my Flickr Home Page and browse from there.

I'm sorry about the inconvenience.

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