Friday, 7 January 2011

How to lose 10,000 railway wagons

In Part 5 of my series of posts on traffic movements at Sedgeley Junction, I describe movements of 9th February 1963.

A note I made on the same day awards my personal 'Oscar' for what I describe as the "best non-political laugh of the New Year". The award was given to to this cry-from-the-heart published in the 'WE1' special notice for January 1963 concerning missing condemned wagons:-


There are approximately 10,000 wagons marked "COND - ONE JOURNEY ONLY LOCO COAL" which have not yet been reported as having arrived at Motive Power Depots. These wagons have been removed from the stock book of British Railways and it is therefore strictly forbidden for wagons marked in this way to be used for any other purpose than the storage of loco coal. As they arrive at M.P.D. the C.M.& E.E. staff is to be advised so that report of arrival can be made to the Central Stock Registry on form CSR2.