Monday, 23 August 2010

Off again!

I'm off again, this time to Burma. I've not yet finished writing about the wonderful trip to the Arctic and already I'm leaving for a cruise on the Irrawaddy River.

Alan brought me to Heathrow Terminal 3 this evening, but I feel I may have fallen through a time-warp into a parallel universe as the lady on security not only gave me a wide smile but helped to arrange my carry-on luggage on the trays for X-Ray. Bemused by this unusual kindness, I went through passport control. I noted that the Passport Officer greeted the child of the lady in front of me with a 'high five' so I was prepared when, having checked my passport, the gave me a big smile and wished me well.

I'm travelling with Eva Air (the Taiwanese carrier) on their flight BR0068 as far as Bangkok. The aircraft will then continue to Taipei. Eva Air share the American Airlines lounge - a spacious, modern lounge with splendid views of the apron and plenty of working computers to give you this update.

As the trip proceeds, communication may become more difficult but the reports of my three previous trips to Burma may give you an idea of why the country exerts such a fascination for me.