Thursday, 24 June 2010

East London Line

Set 378 150 entering Whitechapel with a Down Train

The East London Line has recently re-opened to passengers after a major rebuilding. Formerly operated by London Underground as a short line from Whitechapel to New Cross Gate, it has re-appeared as part of the 'London Overground' network. The route currently extends from Dalston Junction in the north via Whitechapel to New Cross Gate, joining Network Rail so as to allow trains to operate to Crystal Palace and West Croydon. There's a Wikipedia article on the line and its history here.

Bombardier have produced Class 378 trainsets for use on the East London Line and other parts of the London Overground. Another Wikipedia article here describes the variants - 378/0 3-car, 378/1 4-car d.c. and 378/2 4-car a.c./d.c.

My pictures here were taken just a few weeks after an intensive 5-minute headway service replaced the initial trial public running.

I have a professional interest in the East London Line because my firm produces Tunnel Telephone equipment for the Underground. This equipment provides a means of discharging traction current in an emergency and allowing speech between a driver in the tunnel and the line control room. We supplied the East London Line with similar equipment which protects the underground sections of the line.