Friday, 1 August 2008


In June 2008, Peak Rail's normal passenger rake was the target of graffiti 'artists'. To enable the vehicles to be returned to service (Peak Rail does not enjoy the luxury of a spare rake of coaches), the graffiti has been removed professionally, but the necessarily aggressive nature of the cleaning process has resulted in large areas now showing the original blue British Railways livery. It will cost over £25,000 to reinstate the lined-out maroon preservation liveries.

Tragically, there has been a second attack, at the end of July, just before the popular 'Warring Forties' weekend. Apparently, the same 'Tag' was used in both attacks.

It's hard not to become dispirited or angry at the wanton destruction of an attempt to preserve the past so as to inform the future. It would appear that 'the future', as represented by the vandals responsible for the damage, have no interest in the past. A gloomy prospect for us all.

The police are seeking any information which would allow them to identify the miscreants - call 0845 123 33 33.

Peak Rail's Pictures of damage.