Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Pre-grouping Railway Map


I had a brief opportunity to take pictures of a pre-grouping railway map intended for wall hanging. The map itself was in poor condition and there wasn't time to attempt to hold the map flat for photography, but I thought a poor photo was better than no photo.

The map was published by W & A K Johnston under the title 'Railway Map of England and Wales' and it claims to be the 11th Edition.

The following links open a high-resolution copy of the map sections:-

North West England.
North East England.
South West England.
South East England.


The map is now framed and there are more pictures, showing particular areas of interest. All the pictures (including the original four linked above) can be found here.

[Links corrected 2-Jul-2012 (after move to Flickr). 'Developments' added 29-Jul-2014]