Monday, 24 March 2008

Stop Press (again)

'Again' in that I showed you a few pictures like this in earlier travels. I won't bore you with details, but I can't upload pictures at present in the way I'd want. Here are a few to be going on with (oddly in reverse order, latest first). Updated to show Cuba. There's also a few pictures of cuba on the Travel Photograph site.

Trinidad (above)

Havana viewed from Casa Blanca.

Havana (above)

Jan standing next to the main temple at Chichen Itza. You are, sadly, no longer allowed to climb the pyramid.

This is what Las Vegas is about. A corner of one gaming room at the Wynn when it was very quiet.

This pre-war diesel electric was running the passenger service at the Museum.

One of the genuine Venetian gondolas giving rides outside the famous Venetian casino/hotel in Las Vegas.

The 'River of Kings' in Bangkok always teems with activity. This was the view from my hotel room.

The famous Golden Temple in Yangon.