Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Round the World Five - Day 7 (Wed, 12 Mar)

Itinerary: Day 5 Wednesday 12th March. After an early breakfast, transfer to Mandalay airport for your onward flight (depart 08:45) to Yangon. On arrival in Yangon at 10:10 you will be taken to an airport hotel to freshen up and rest for approx 4 hours prior to your international flight. Transfers and room included. Thai Flight TG306 leaves Yangon at 19:45, arrives Bangkok 21:25. Private transfer by Tour East Thailand to the Shangri-La Hotel for a DLX Balcony Room in the Shangri-La Wing.

We enjoyed the usual good breakfast in the restaurant of 'Road to Mandalay' and all felt a little sad at leaving our new friends on the ship which had been our comfortable home for the last few days. Soon, we were aboard one of the two buses (one English-speaking, one German-speaking). Once again, San was our guide and we took a circuitous route, looping through a number of small villages until we came to the airport, sitting on a large plain. A long, straight approach road took us to the modern terminal. I'll add more commentary when I can.