Monday, 17 March 2008

Round the World Five - Day 12 (Mon, 17 Mar)

Itinerary: Monday, 17th March, Las Vegas. Nothing pre-planned.

Well, after the sudden cold weather and the setbacks of yesterday, I'm not sure what I'll have the energy to do. Perhaps it should be a "day at leisure" before my planned departure from Las Vegas on Tuesday morning.

In the event, it was a bit more active than that. I went out before 8 a.m. with thoughts of looking at notebook computers in Fry's. It was dry and the sun was out but there was such a sharp wind that I nearly went back in (I'd only a thin, short-sleeved jacket). But, being stubborn, I walked to the Southbound bus stop. However, a Northbound 'Deuce' bus arrived first so I bought an All-Day ticket (five dollars) and decided to go all the way downtown and look at the older part of the city in the daylight. Well, I did. Fremont Street was quieter than the other night, but tourists were starting to emerge. This old part is definitely more down-market than the main part of the 'Strip' but I think MGM are heavily involved in a plan to re-develop chunks of the area. Eventually, I succumbed to the chill wind and bought a maroon short coat. There goes another 9.99 dollars plus Sales Tax!

After touring some more of the souvenir shops, I caught another 'Deuce' going South, together with a lot of tourists. This time, I stayed on the bus to near its Southern terminus.