Friday, 7 March 2008

Round the World Five - On my Travels

"The Journey of a Thousand Miles starts with a single step" - Chinese Proverb.

Well, in my case, the first steps seem to get harder and I only tore myself away from my home and Tai with some reluctance on another journey into the unknown (for me).

I'm currently in the SAS Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 (which Thai share). Alan brought me down by car and, for once, we had a good journey down the M40 and, amazingly, a clear run into Heathrow. Check-in for Bangkok was painless and security (through 'Fast Track') was prompt. So, I'm still fairly relaxed and getting used to the idea of going off to 'foreign parts'. It's about eleven and a half hours to Bangkok and then I transit to another short flight so I'm sure I'll be tired by the time I get to bed tomorrow.

Stop Press:

Arrived Bangkok safely. The new airport is HUGE and very glossy. I'm exhausted just walking to my connecting gate. Now in the Thai lounge and about to catch the Thai service to Yangon (that's Rangoon) in Myanmar (Burma as was). Yes, I wondered about the ethics and we can have a debate when I return but, hopefully, I'll have more information to inform that debate.

My airport pictures.