Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A New Signal Box at Darley Dale

The new signal box on its first operational day.

On Sunday, 17th February 2008, Peak Rail opened its new signal box at Darley Dale. The original box was always rather cramped (somewhat resembling a pigeon loft) and the changes required when the signalling was adapted for two-train working made matters even more of a squeeze.

The view above shows the original Darley Dale signal box, with lever brame, block shelf and illuminated diagram. Note the British Rail pattern Absolute Block Instrument in the foreground, which controls movements on the double track section to Church Lane box.

Signalman Flather seen working the new box on its first day. Note that the Block Instrument has moved to its 'proper' position on the block shelf. The new box has a brick foundation and gives more space for the signalman to relax in between trains.

Congratulations are due to everybody involved on this upgrade, especially Dominic and Peak Rail S&T Department.

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